I’m in my home, you know. These are my people, these are my supporters. These are the people who’ve been there for a long time, rooting for me. It’s humbling, it’s honoring. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before at a national team event, and that’s pretty special, and I’m going to keep that with me for a long time.
Ashlyn Harris, on the fans at RFK chanting her name before kickoff. (via dayecarter)

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Pentatonix - White Winter Hymnal


i was so exited for them to take a spin of a fleet foxes song and i am not disappointed

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Happy 29th birthday Ash! - Oct 19th, 1985

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Happy 29th Birthday Ashlyn Harris!

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Tobin’s backflick in HD


I was standing between the benches, waiting to take a pic of Lauren Cheney and Becky Sauerbrunn and I kept getting in the way of people, and I said, “Oh man, I’m in everyone’s way”

And Cheney put her hand on my back and gently switched positions with me and goes, “Now I’m in everyone’s way”

It took all I had not to burst into tears

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what if garbage was spelled like garbij

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*something wisdomous* ... also,
go blue

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